Marilyn Schirmer, known by most as Maz Schirmer.

  • Expert in the Psychology of the Female Transformation.
  • Innovator of Creatrix®
  • Inventor of Transformology®
  • Triple Global Award Winner
  • CEO of 2 companies
  • Multiple Best Selling Author
  • No:1 Leader of women during GFC in a fortune 500 company ranking no: 1 in 10 countries.
  • Led women to establish businesses who sold in excess of 34.7million dollars.

Today Maz is with us as the Founding Director of the Institute of Women International, a mother and a grandmother of 9. Maz’s legacy is to set 10 million hearts free using the various methods she’s created.

Website:- www.instituteofwomen.com

FB Group:- Women Determined to Succeed

Email:- maz@instituteofwomen.com