Conducting a good interview is a great skill to grow your network, your profile and create brand awareness.It’s a great way to create content for your website, social media and emails. 

It will increase your level of authority because of your association with your interviewee. Once you build a relationship with your interviewee it may lead to other opportunities for your brand in the near future.

Top Ten Tips to Conducting Interviews

  1. Get to know your guest and their expertise. Do some research. Read their LinkedIn profile,about me on their website,  blog posts, watch some of their videos, read their testimonials on their website, Facebook/google reviews
  2. Compile a list of questions 3-5 for a 15-30 minute interview. Perhaps add one last one like what’s your best advice to give a mum In Business. Make them open ended and not yes and no answers 
  3. Send them through to your guest and ask them is there anything off-limits or any particular question you would like me to ask you. Keep in mind your audience and think  – “What value is this question going to give my audience?”
  4. A good interviewer will interact with their guest but give them most of the time on the microphone because it’s about them not you
  5. Keep your interviews to about 15 minutes -30 minutes. You can always do part 1 and part 2
  6. If it is fblive or pre-recorderd you can still include your audience. Ask them a question and ask them to comment 
  7. If doing fb live – put your phone on landscape so you get the side by side look. 
  8. Leverage the video and share it across your social media platforms,website, and email. If doing fb live. Download it, upload to YouTube and embed into your website. Then take 1-3 min grabs of The interview to share on social media and put a link to watch the whole interview on your website. 
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask industry leaders. It’s nice to build a relationship with them first. Meet them, engage with them on social media, share their content. One lady asked Gary Vee to be on her podcast and she said yes. I’ve asked big names to speak at my events and they said yes because I asked. 
  10. Create a video test group on Facebook and start practising with your friends and get familiar with the technology and confident on camera 
  11. I do send questions into my guest and ask them to fill out the answers and send them back but not to reheats them and read them back to you word for word. They should know their stuff. It’s incase they lose their train of thought or go off track or forget to mention something important they have told you they want to include in the interview.
  12. Confirm the date, time and where and how the interview will be conducted also 24 hrs before hand 
  13. Test your recording equipment. Make sure your phone is fully charged or have it plugged in whilst your are recording so the battery doesn’t run flat 
  14. Come on 20 minutes before and let them know it’s just a casual conversation between 2 people up put them at ease
  15. Have fun 


* Turn your phones on do not disturb 

*Put up a sign on the front door or your office door- do not knock- filming in place 


Streaming Software – Fb Live, Be-Live.tv, Zoom Pro/Webinar

Camera – iPhone, canon 700EOS,

Lighting – Natural light, LED light, ring light

Audio – Microphone from earplugs with mic https://www.searchenginejournal.com/mic-need-professional-podcast-10-best-podcasting-microphones/119254/


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