Master video marketing in a supportive group of like-minded entrepreneurs.  Confidently share your message and grow your profile and income.  All you need is a smartphone and WiFi!


Are you spending hours on marketing, posting in every Facebook Group imaginable but hearing crickets?

Does you audience love you but somehow isn’t growing at the rate you would love it to?

Well, I know exactly how you feel – I was there. It took the joy out of my business and ate into the time I should have been spending with my family.

That is until I discovered video marketing.  I learned what tools were needed and what techniques were used and applied this knowledge to grow my profile, my business and achieve my marketing goals!

Now, I use the lessons I learned and experience with successfully using video marketing to show people just like you how to move past these struggles.

Increased their confidence
Spent less time on marketing
Became sought-after experts
Achieved their business goals
Grew their tribe
Increased their leads and sales


  • How to make your videos professional and catchy
  • How to monetize your videos
  • How to structure your video
  • What technology to use
  • What to share and how
  • How leverage your videos for maximum views
  • How to start and end a video for greatest impact
  • How to get Over The Fear Of Getting in front of the Video Camera


30 step-by-step training videos
Weekly group mentoring sessions with Melissa
Private Facebook Group
Feedback, encouragement & support
The latest video marketing tips & strategies
Opportunities for brainstorming & collaborating with other members
Tasks to help you grow


Do I need to post a video every day?
No, but we do encourage you to film a few videos at a time so you can have days off and share how to leverage your time.
Will we learn what to say in the videos?
I give you a booklet with some scripts and guides what to say as well as video tips every day.
Do I need expensive equipment and a professional studio?
I teach you to use what you have already. If you have a smart phone and a pc with a web cam that is more than enough.
How much time will it require to commit to this challenge?
I suggest 1 hour per day is su􀃕cient to shoot and upload your video, give feedback, encouragement and support to others in the group.


Lauren Clemett

Award Winning Personal Branding Specialist, Ultimate Business Propellor

Pauline Rohdich Video

Rapid Transformational Therapist / Life Coach, Advaya Truth

Miranda Powell Video

Angelic Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Numerologist and Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Light Healing

Jan-Marie Brooke

The ‘Mindset’ Alchemist, Brilliant Life Success

“In the February Challenge, I am loving: the way Melissa reccomends we just do it. We don’t need all the fancy gear, just a phone and the willingness to give it a shot.  Great encouragemnet and feedback from a very supportive group of people. A safe place to just be you. Daily Tips keep overwhelm at bay Thankyou Melissa and everyone in the group.”
Jo Rosengreen

Founder, School Stuff Sorted

“Video is something that I have known I should be doing for a long time, but just never got around to doing. The 30 Day Video Challenge made me actually do it and I learnt so much from the constructive feedback and support that I received from Melissa and the other participants. I am pretty shy and it made it so much less traumatic for me to share my videos knowing that the people viewing them were so supportive and helpful. I am much more comfortable with video now and know that it is going to benefit my business greatly, as well as myself personally. Thank you Melissa!!”
Shari Ware

Weightloss Mindset Mentor, Why Weight Loss Institute

“I will tell anyone that is considering joining just do it! Doing the video challenge has helped me in so many ways. I have increased my following on social media. I am doing classes on line. I got my own radio show. I am currently writing a book and have already written for various magazines. I have done tons of collaborations and been interviewed and I have so many more things in the pipeline. I am super busy! My business is growing. Thank you Melissa because of the video challenge I learned to get my content out there. To not be afraid of technology and learned tons of ways to market myself! Do yourself a favor and join. All of the people that I referred to join are so glad they did!”
Miranda Powell

Angelic Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Numerologist and Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Light Healing


In 2011 whilst my son underwent a life saving kidney transplant and needed months of rest at the Ronald McDonald House I had a lot of time on my hands. I was desperate to find a way to create an online business so I could be by my son’s side, for the term of his two-year recovery.

I felt isolated and alone, so I created a web TV show called “Toddlers to Teens” and produced weekly videos. I invited women in different industries to form our panel of experts. Each one of us published a short weekly video to share our knowledge.

We were viewed in over 58 countries in a matter of weeks. In 2 years, we produced 450 videos which were shared all over the internet. Video was the most powerful way to connect with a global audience.

I mentored the other 7 women on the panel on how to use video and it built their profiles, brands and businesses rapidly. Today they all run successful businesses and are well known in their industry, and a few of them are now featured in the newspaper, TV and radio on a regular basis.

I’ve helped them save time and money, and fast track success. I want to do this for you too. My 30-Day Video Challenge was created to help you step out of your comfort zone, build your confidence and get out there to share your message with the world!


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