“I will tell anyone that is considering joining just do it! Doing the video challenge has helped me in so many ways. I have increased my following on social media. I am doing classes on line. I got my own radio show. I am currently writing a book and have already written for various magazines. I have done tons of collaborations and been interviewed and I have so many more things in the pipeline. I am super busy! My business is growing. Thank you Melissa because of the video challenge I learned to get my content out there. To not be afraid of technology and learned tons of ways to market myself! Do yourself a favor and join. All of the people that I referred to join are so glad they did!”

Miranda Powell

Angelic Reiki Light Healing

“Video is the way of the future in business and if you are not yet utilising it then I urge you to connect with Melissa Groom and start learning about how to use it in your business for increased exposure and being seen as an expert in your field. Melissa mentored me to create my own web tv showAnneAlecksonTV.com and I’m very excited by the change that I’ve seen in my business from the regular exposure of my teachings around spirituality, higher consciousness and self-empowerment in a way that is easily digestible by viewers who then want to share it with their friends and who feel that I am right there in front of them, having a personal conversation. Even more than the change Melissa has brought to my business, I have changed along with it … more confident and sure of myself and my message. All from having Melissa on my side guiding me in an area where she herself is the expert. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to have her mentor me and I highly recommend that you work with her too if video is in your future .. and it should be.”

Anne Aleckson

The Soul Speaker - Giving a voice to the power within, Anne Aleckson - The Soul Speaker

“This Mastermind has embedded in me structured flow and more confidence in sharing my gifts with the world. The program has also equipped me with the workbooks and the guides I needed to stay laser focused on what needs to be done. The scheduled weekly calls and mentorship directly from Melissa have significantly helped me understand how is it like to be properly guided to achieve a valuable outcome, this is the process I treasure most every time we are on the group call. For someone who has always been the one working behind the laptop screen and assisted others, now it is time for me to step up for my team and be the forefront for our dedicated, passionate service. Being the face of my business has never been on my list before but now all the experiences with the 30DVC plus embarking on the BE VISIBLE MASTERMIND PROGRAM have given me the newfound confidence to start 2018 with loads of awesomeness! Thank you, thank you, thank you Melissa! Can’t thank you enough!”

Liyana Dhamirah

The Productivity Mentor, Virtual Assistants Singapore

“I gained confidence, ideas, a thorough understanding of all the areas of your business that are open for exhibiting to the public, discipline to put up videos every day and of course the wonderful expertise of Melissa Groom.”

Angela Fitradi

Owner and Founder, KarmaKids Grow

“I have been working with Melissa Groom for ~ 18 months as one of her Parent Experts for the Toddlers to Teens TV show, which she Hosts and Produces. Mel has encouraged me to step up and utilise Video Marketing as an important part of my business branding and marketing strategy. Melissa has shared countless ways to improve the quality of my videos and get them seen by more people. I have well over 30,000 hits on all the videos I am in which speaks for itself. Thanks Mel.”

Claire McFee

Organize Your Life

“I first met Melissa Groom a few years back when I shyly went to her Tuesday networking group and over the years I’ve gotten to know her and mostly because I’ve been mentored by her for the past 3 months. I’ve gotten to see not just her kind heart but the wealth of knowledge she possesses. Being mentored by Mel is giving me more confidence to believe in my mission and myself and the tools to succeed in business. I find the mastermind group so helpful because it’s collaborative and more brains are better than one. Thank you so much Mel from the bottom of my heart.”

Tammy Rice

Owner and Founder, Perfect Supplements Australia

“Highly recommend Melissa Groom to assist you in marketing your videos. Melissa is very supportive and knowledgeable regarding video marketing. If you are serious about your business, contacting Melissa for mentoring is a must.”

Trish Springsteen

Award Winning Public Speaker Mentor Coach Author, Trischel –Innovative Communication Training

“In the February Challenge, I am loving: the way Melissa reccomends we just do it. We don’t need all the fancy gear, just a phone and the willingness to give it a shot.  Great encouragemnet and feedback from a very supportive group of people. A safe place to just be you. Daily Tips keep overwhelm at bay Thankyou Melissa and everyone in the group.”

Jo Rosengreen

School Stuff Sorted

“This is the BEST investment I have ever made in myself…in my business and my family. I have been able to grown in purpose, confidence, my message and who I help! It has been amazing… follow the Nike philosophy…and “JUST DO IT!!!” Melissa, has a gift and talent for helping people discover themselves.  Hope to see you inside the group…”

Krista Ducharme

Dimensional Healing

“If anyone is sitting on the fence about joining Melissa Groom’s MasterMind – hop off now and get with the program.  Not only is Melissa extremely generous with her time and her knowledge she has a heart of gold and an amazing mentor who always finds the very best to bring out of a person.  If you want to make 2018 the best ever year this is one of the best investments you can make to BE VISIBLE.”

Jan-Marie Brooke

The ‘Mindset’ Alchemist, Brilliant Life Success

“I have recently completed Melissa’s 30 Day Video Challenge. At first I didn’t think it was for me, but after a friend recommended it quite strongly, I gave it a go. And I’m so glad I did. Not only did I make 28 videos that month, I learned how to edit them, add music, access royalty-free files, speak clearly, set up a website, create a Youtube channel and form a Facebook group. Honestly, if you run a business, or you would like to run a business, its a no-brainer. Do the 30 Day Challenge and I’m sure you’ll never look back!”

Kristine Fitzgerald

High School Maths Tutor

“I have known Melissa for nearly 2 years and felt very privileged to be invited to be part of the panel at Toddlers To Teens TV, because video was not a medium I was either familiar or confident with. Melissa explained that Youtube was so powerful and when I really thought about it, I realised myself that for any sort of help, I used Youtube over google. But not just me, so do my friends, my kids and my business colleagues. I am sure that I would have given up on making videos, but with Melissa being so patient and supportive, I have continued and even become much better at it. The videos that I have made have increased my google ranking and raised my business profile and all of this would not have happened without Melissa and her unwavering support. Thank you Melissa for your support and your positivity and showing me that with patience anything is possible.”

Michelle Wright

Personal Trainer, Mishfit

“It has been an honour and absolute pleasure to work with Melissa Groom, she is an outstanding caring soul that truly wants you to succeed in life. My life and business has not been the same since coming in contact with her and I have grown in so many ways. Thank you Mel!”

Franziska Stahmann

Founder and Accredited Flower Essence Practitioner, Heavens Touch Essences

“Video is something that I have known I should be doing for a long time, but just never got around to doing. The 30 Day Video Challenge made me actually do it and I learnt so much from the constructive feedback and support that I received from Melissa and the other participants. I am pretty shy and it made it so much less traumatic for me to share my videos knowing that the people viewing them were so supportive and helpful. I am much more comfortable with video now and know that it is going to benefit my business greatly, as well as myself personally. Thankyou Melissa!!”

Shari Ware

Weightloss Mindset Mentor/Mobile Personal Trainer, SWARE by Fitness

“I have found the video challenge inspiring and encouraging. This is on a few different levels. The participants that are on the challenge naturally form a community. This community supports you, gives you feedback and encourages you to keep going when you may think you are on the wrong track. As you grow, you see them grow. You get to experience their wonderful videos which can open your mind to a vast array of content. As a part of the community she has fostered, Melissa is a wonderful mentor who encourages and inspires you to create this great content regardless of your business and ideology. I have seen my videos go from 5-6 minutes of waffle to 2-3 minutes of straight to the point content. Melissa encourages you to experiment and gives ideas about when you are stuck, at no time are you left on your own. Just send a quick message and she’s there. The whole community is there from the get go if needed. I thoroughly recommend this challenge and any education about being a Videopreneur. Until next time Mumma, x”

Jody Danson


“Before I joined Melissa Groom in her video challenge and received private mentoring from her I knew that video was important and I had a desire to use it and I was even using is in my own haphazard way, but there was always something holding me back from fully utilising the power of video in my business. The challenge gave me an opportunity to be consistent with both videoing and with my message and I will be forever grateful to Melissa for her one on one mentoring which led to me developing my own web TV show and stepping outside the box and into a future where I am happily fulfilling my purpose and using video as a consistent and important part of my marketing and to share my message.”

Anne Aleckson

The Soul Speaker - Giving a voice to the power within, Anne Aleckson - The Soul Speaker

“I have known Melissa Groom for 2 years now since meeting with her to be included as an Expert Panelist on Toddlers To Teens TV Show. I have always found Melissa to be positive and generous with her support and knowledge. My business has expanded dramatically since becoming a part of her team at TTT, Melissa’s guidance and mentoring, the development of my business Social Media sites and videos featuring my expertise. She encourages constant improvement and development whilst gently reminding me I have a message to share and the more I do it the better I will become. It is through this encouragement that the quality of my products and services have improved. Melissa has a drive and passion to help others, and above all else, this is what I admire most and inspires me to be true to myself whilst appropriately reinventing parts of my business to meet the needs of others. I highly recommend Melissa’s services, programs and groups if you are looking to improve and expand.”

Kirsty O’Callaghan

Unity Words

“Melissa has provided a safe environment for you to practice producing videos. She has provided a good framework each day for you to stretch yourself and produce a daily video. However she has not left you alone as she provides support and feedback on how and where to market your videos. One of the great strengths of the community is the valuable support and feedback from everyone. There has been a wealth of expertise that has been shared in each Video Challenge. I have been part of the community from the beginning and even though I am well used to producing videos and presenting I have gained valuable feedback to polish the videos and great information on other ways to market them. This is a community for all levels of expertise in video production and marketing. Most certainly something for everyone. Melissa’s Video Challenge has been such an enlightening experience for me and my business. Prior to taking the challenge, I was terrified of speaking in front of a camera or in front of people. My confidence in myself and areas of expertise were also lacking. Thanks to Melissa’s challenge and pointers, I have grown leaps and bounds and have no problem getting in front of a camera now. I also find new wonderful ways to share my knowledge in regards to the work I do. I have been able to interact with my audience more so than ever before and now they are intrigued and engaged by my work and are always waiting to hear what’s next from me. This whole experience has been such a blessing. Thank You Melissa for all you do!”

Trish Springsteen

Award Winning Public Speaker Mentor Coach Author, Trischel –Innovative Communication Training

“I am currently being mentored by Melissa Groom in her group program that l feel very privileged to be a part of, along with 4 other wonderful women:) We have all become such good friends & Melissa makes it so empowering with her incredible ability to share her wisdom & knowledge while still being so honest & vulnerable. Melissa teaches with such empathy & acceptance of where we are at & makes it okay to work at our own pace. We laugh a lot too & share stories that help each other grow in many aspects of our lives like any bunch of girlfriends. Thank you Melissa for being my shining light & helping me to see how video marketing connects us so strongly to others in this massive online market. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone who wants to shine their own light to the world. Her generous prices make it a NO BRAINER for 2016!”

Dianne Caldwell

Founder, Live the Passion

“This Mastermind experience with you has been incredible.  Between the materials, the weekly meetings and your guidance, I could not be more pleased.  I have had my eyes opened to so many possibilities, created a speakers bio and am well on my way to finishing up my signature talk/masterclass.  I have more confidence than I did before the challenge and I know I am headed in the right direction to make 2018 a spectacular year.  I am amazed at how brilliant you are Melissa.  I swear you have divine guidance in your suggestions and your marketing ideas are fabulous.  I cannot believe how much I have learned from you, Mel.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are simply the best.”

Deb Lahoud

Author, Speaker & Spiritual Life Coach, Enlightened Concepts

“Being involved with Melissa Groom and learning the simplicity of video marketing has made an amazing impact on growth and people visiting the website, which increases sales. Melissa is a mentor that will discover your hidden talents.”

Debbie Majella Nolan

Founder, Door of Youth Skincare