About Me

Hi, I’m Melissa.  Just call me Mel.

My love for business was ignited in 1996 when I came runner up in Operation Livewire and started up my own business selling and distributing environmentally friendly shopping bags to major businesses such as Blackmores and Manly Council. I went on to establish four more successful businesses, Toddlers To Teens TV, Empowered Mums Business Network, Mums in Business Magazine and The Videopreneur School.

Now as The Visibility Mentor, I help women in business and entrepreneurs build a powerful online brand so clients and opportunities find them.

About, Melissa Groom, The Visibility Mentor

“It has been an honour and absolute pleasure to work with Melissa Groom, she is an outstanding caring soul that truly wants you to succeed in life. My life and business have not been the same since coming in contact with her and I have grown in so many ways. Thank you, Mel!”

Franziska Stahmann

Founder and Accredited Flower Essence Practitioner, Heavens Touch Essences

In 2011 my son underwent a life-saving kidney transplant and needed months of rest at the Ronald McDonald House. I had a lot of time on my hands and was desperate to find a way to create an online business so I could be by my son’s side, for the term of his two-year recovery.

Helping parents feel less alone

I felt isolated and alone and was thousands of kilometres away from the support of family and friends. So I created a web TV show called “Toddlers to Teens” and started producing weekly videos. I then invited women in different industries to form the Toddlers To Teens panel of experts. Each one of us published a short weekly video to share our knowledge. We were viewed in over 58 countries in a matter of weeks. In 2 years we produced 450 videos, which were shared all over the internet.

During this time, I mentored the other 7 women on the panel on how to use video, and it built their profiles/brand/business rapidly. Today they all run successful businesses and are well known in their industry, and a few of them are now featured in the newspaper, TV and radio on a regular basis.

Teaching people about the power of video

In Feb 2015, I started the 30 Day Video Challenge and within 2 days 100 women had joined. Through connecting and communicating within the group using the power of video I am now working with clients all around the world, mentoring them how to get started using video, how to create their own web TV show and their signature program.

When I’m not The Visibility Mentor

During my days off I relish spending time with my family, recharging with walks on the beach and reading books about spirituality and personal development.

“I first met Melissa Groom a few years back when I shyly went to her Tuesday networking group and over the years I’ve gotten to know her and mostly because I’ve been mentored by her for the past 3 months. I’ve gotten to see not just her kind heart but the wealth of knowledge she possesses. Being mentored by Mel is giving me more confidence to believe in my mission and myself and the tools to succeed in business. I find the mastermind group so helpful because it’s collaborative and more brains are better than one. Thank you so much Mel from the bottom of my heart.”

Tammy Rice

Owner and Founder, Perfect Supplements Australia