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30-Day Video Challenge

Master video marketing in a supportive group of like-minded entrepreneurs.  Confidently share your message and grow your profile and income.  All you need is a smartphone and WiFi!

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The Videopreneur School

Learn The Web TV Blueprint and stand out from your competition, be a leader in your industry and top of mind, attracting your ideal clients from all over the world.

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“Melissa has provided a safe environment for you to practice producing videos. She has provided a good framework each day for you to stretch yourself and produce a daily video. However she has not left you alone as she provides support and feedback on how and where to market your videos. One of the great strengths of the community is the valuable support and feedback from everyone. There has been a wealth of expertise that has been shared in each Video Challenge. I have been part of the community from the beginning and even though I am well used to producing videos and presenting I have gained valuable feedback to polish the videos and great information on other ways to market them. This is a community for all levels of expertise in video production and marketing. Most certainly something for everyone.”

Trish Springsteen

Award Winning Public Speaker Mentor Coach Author, Trischel –Innovative Communication Training

“Before I joined Melissa Groom in her video challenge and received private mentoring from her I knew that video was important and I had a desire to use it and I was even using is in my own haphazard way, but there was always something holding me back from fully utilising the power of video in my business. The challenge gave me an opportunity to be consistent with both videoing and with my message and I will be forever grateful to Melissa for her one on one mentoring which led to me developing my own web TV show and stepping outside the box and into a future where I am happily fulfilling my purpose and using video as a consistent and important part of my marketing and to share my message.”

Anne Aleckson

The Soul Speaker, giving a voice to the power within, The Soul Speaker

“I have found the video challenge inspiring and encouraging. This is on a few different levels. The participants that are on the challenge naturally form a community. This community supports you, gives you feedback and encourages you to keep going when you may think you are on the wrong track. As you grow, you see them grow. You get to experience their wonderful videos which can open your mind to a vast array of content. As a part of the community she has fostered, Melissa is a wonderful mentor who encourages and inspires you to create this great content regardless of your business and ideology. I have seen my videos go from 5-6 minutes of waffle to 2-3 minutes of straight to the point content. Melissa encourages you to experiment and gives ideas about when you are stuck, at no time are you left on your own. Just send a quick message and she’s there. The whole community is there from the get go if needed. I thoroughly recommend this challenge and any education about being a Videopreneur.”

Jody Danson



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